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Akshay Chheda, FE


Portfolio Management

Perfect Research

"The Finplus program plays a significant & crucial part in bridging the gap between pure academic education and the real world industry needs (especially in core finance profiles) which are on opposite poles. It has managed to do that by bringing on board the vast practical experience of the coaching/teaching staff who ensure that the learning is as practical as it can be. Students are then made to apply all the concepts so taught in class on various listed companies in the form of assignments followed by a thorough & critical assessment of the same and appropriate feedback. It really amazed me how various concepts that were previously taught theoretically in colleges and other courses actually were very important and had huge practical application in the core finance world. This is a major reason for students who manage to clear various competitive exams still finding it very difficult to get a job into core finance profile jobs like Portfolio Management, Investment Banking or a Venture Capital/Private Equity.
As the famous saying goes that ""One just needs a dedicated effort of a year to make a comeback and achieve most of the goals in life"". I was surprised by the transformation after the 8 month course and the knowledge that I had at the end of it. A big Thank You to Pratik Sir and the entire Finnacle team for the relentless efforts and focus on improvement of each and every student by critical evaluation, feedback and mentoring."


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