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Guru Darshan, FE


Portfolio Management

Unifi Capital

My experience with the FinPlus Program was enriching. The practical knowledge and real-life case studies taught by industry practitioners were invaluable in expanding my skills. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals, Pratik Sir and Shailesh Sir, I gained a comprehensive understanding of financial statement analysis, including dissecting financial statements and understanding Indian accounting standards. The program delved deep into critical areas such as forensic checks, governance issues, and financial ratio analysis. Moreover, learning the art of triangulation has been particularly helpful in sharpening my analytical abilities.

Through the Business Analysis module of the program, I learned how to understand and analyze revenue drivers, cost structures, and competitive landscapes, evaluating business models through conducting primary & secondary research, and assessing risks effectively.

In the financial modeling and valuation, the program provided hands-on experience. From building models from scratch to conducting various valuations using methodologies like DCF, relative valuation, implied PE, Exit multiple approaches, etc., the program instilled confidence in applying theoretical concepts to practical scenarios.

I must acknowledge the invaluable mentorship provided by Shailesh Sir and Pratik Sir. Their depth of knowledge and unique teaching styles, coupled with numerous real-life case studies, made learning engaging and insightful. Their support and guidance were instrumental in my transition to the asset management industry.

As a Chartered Accountant, the FinPlus Program has broadened my skill set and prepared me to excel in the finance industry. I am thankful for all the support and guidance provided by Finnacle Institute.


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